How to Get 500 More Followers on Instagram in 2020

Have you ever wondered how to get 500 more followers on Instagram? In this article, we listed various ways to do that.
How to Get 500 More Followers on Instagram in 2020
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Have you ever wondered how to get your 500 Instagram followers in a week, for free? Oh yes, absolutely free of charge. You can personally do this within a few days and I will show you how. I have it all covered for you to gain your first 500 Instagram followers and even more.

Now let’s get started. I know how excited you are to get your first 500 Instagram followers. Even I was when I had mine after putting in just a little effort. I have seven (7) written down strategies I used, accompanied by two bonus steps you need to get started.

How to Get 500 More Instagram Followers For Free

Set Up Your Bio 

Setting your bio is always important and the first thing you should do after creating any social media account and not only Instagram, this ensures that people who visit your profile are able to identify who you are and what you do or stand for. You will agree with me that no one would wish to follow a ghost account or an account with no purpose.

Before anyone follows an account, that individual has identified a purpose or has a reason to do so and that reason may be from your bio. Bios are important, and should always be short. Try to make it simple and always put in your important information first. (That makes up a good bio)

Set Your Profile (Account) To Public

I know some of you will wish to set your account to private because you’d want to avoid non-followers from spying on your profile or what you do on that account.

This may be a great idea but obviously not because again I must know who you are before I follow you. I wouldn’t like to follow someone just to find out it was a mistake to have followed you.

By setting your profile, you should also include a few posts on your timeline. This is just to ensure that your potential followers won’t be visiting an empty profile.

Open With Facebook

I must confess the majority of my followers were friends from Facebook. Instagram makes it possible to connect with friends on other platforms. You either open your account with your Facebook account or open a new account using your email and a password. After setting your account, go to settings and connect /link your Instagram account to your Facebook account and I assure you of some good number of followers. 

I used this opportunity to build my followers count. Having a good number of Facebook friends will give you a good advantage. Instagram always notify its users when a friend on Facebook joins Instagram.

Use Hashtags #

Hashtags are very important in social media marketing. Using hashtags makes it easier for your posts to be seen or searched for. If you really want your posts to be seen then grab this opportunity and don’t miss out on any trending hashtags. You can use hashtags like #Follow4Follow, #Like4Follow #FollowBack #FollowFriday (#FF), #Instagramers and #InstaFollow to drive visitors to your profile. 

If you are a marketing expert or a business owner, find useful and relevant hashtags in your field to have your posts seen. Examples may be; #Coach, #SmallBiz (Small Business), #Entrepreneur, #Marketing among others. Hashtags actually drove lots of traffic to my personal account.

Give Shout Outs

Honestly, I haven’t tried giving any shout outs yet but I have seen quite a number of individuals doing that and as bad or good this may seem to be, it may be working for them. I don’t think they’d continue if this strategy doesn’t work for them. You can also give it a try just to see if it will work for you.

If you’re still confused about how it works, here is what to do. Give a shoutout to some of your cool followers and ask your followers to follow them. If they’re good enough, surely they will give you a shout out too.

Promote Yourself On Other Social Media Platforms

If you don’t promote yourself, I guess you don’t expect people to promote you. Tell your friends on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc about your Instagram account. Share your profile link with them and ask them to follow you for a follow back. 

How to Get 500 More Followers on Instagram For Free
Save to Pinterest

This works like magic. Don’t ask me why, of course, everyone wants to grow their followers, you giving them a follow each will make them happy. Come on! Don’t waste time, try it now.

Interact With Other Users

Don’t act dead and expect people around you to be alive. There’s no use being on “social media” if you can't be social. Commenting on friend’s posts can make you gain new followers automatically or even help you make new friends which will eventually gain you a number of followers.

Follow Friends

Have you ever been notified by Instagram to follow a user stating that he/she was followed by “name” and 2 others”? Well, this helps when you follow lots of friends, Instagram may suggest you to others as “people you may know” saying you followed a friend of theirs and that could help you gain some followers too.

Post Daily

Posting daily is crucial and can be difficult when you have no new photos. This doesn’t mean you should just go ahead posting irrelevant photos or contents; you might get disappointed if these irrelevant posts make you lose followers instead of you wanting to gain. Stick to your purpose and deliver.

Use these strategies to gain your first 500 Instagram followers for free and don't forget to share

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