Savvy Pins Bundle - Pin Daily on Pinterest

Get started with Pinterest. Pinning everyday equals more traffic and leads. Designing Pinterest pins can be time consuming. Hence, the Savvy Pins Bundle. 

I bet you have already heard of the power of Pinterest. Pinterest is simply the best tool when it comes to getting a lot of traffic for your blog or online shop.

Most importantly, it's very easy to use. Pinning daily on Pinterest equals more traffic. Meaning if you pin between 5 - 10 new pins daily, you will be driving tons of traffic in a month (in most case). The Savvy Pins Bundle is for everyone; from bloggers to publishers to digital marketers and even small business owners. This helps you design awesome Pinterest Pins without having to start from sratch.

All you have to do is add texts and photos to an already made design. I'll provide you with 30 easy-to-customize templates for your Pinterest account. Just click the BUY NOW button below and start editing pins for only $24.99.

Why Should You Use The Savvy Pins Bundle?

  • You're a Busy Blogger or Digital Marketer
  • You Have No Designing Background
  • You Want to Pin Daily
  • You Want to Save Time
  • You Want to Save Money
  • You Spend A Lot of Time Creating Pins
  • You Can Create Multiple Pins in Less Than 5 Minutes

What's Included in The Savvy Pins Bundle?

  • 31 Beautiful & Editable Templates
  • Easy Customization
  • Free Pinterest SEO eBook
  • How to Edit Pins in Photoshop
  • 5 Easy Customable Instagram Template

FAQ - Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

  • Savvy Pins Bundle is a collection of editable Pinterest Pins (templates) for bloggers, digital marketers and small business owners who want to drive a lot of traffic from Pinterest. My focus on creating beautiful pins using Photoshop for easy customization.

  • EVERYONE! However, at the time of creating this awesome and beautiful bundles, I only thought about bloggers. But, if you're a small business owner or digital marketer who's finding it difficult to create pins for your business, then this bundle is for you.
  • Yes, you can. This is one of the easiest if not the easiest customizable Pinterest templates around. I personally made this very easy for people who have no experience in designing. That's from beginners to intermediates.
  • Yes! You can only edit my templates using Photoshop, at the moment. If you prefer anything else, I'm so sorry. Although I can redesign this on Canva, they will differ a little from the original.

    In future, I plan on creating a Canva version. However, for now, you can download Photoshop for free. Photoshop offers 30-days free trail. Which means, you only have to pay after the end of your first month.

  • I tried to make this very affordable for everyone. You don't have to break the bank to get these templates. The Savvy Pins Bundle is just $24.99 for a lifetime. Meaning, I'll send you a zip file containing all the customizable templates that you get to keep forever. The bundle comes with a one-time fee. You don't have to keep paying to use my templates.

    However, when there are updates, which of course you might be interested in, for repeat buyers, you'll only have to pay 50% to gain access to my updates. But this is entirely your decision.

  • PayPal! I accept PayPal as my preferred mode of payment. If you pay through any other means, you might be paying to someone else. To purchase or subscribe for the Savvy Pins Bundle, please send us an email with subject [Savvy Pins Bundle] to or contact us using my contact us form.
  • No, sorry! Since this is a digital product, there's no refund.

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